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Organizational Culture

WFYI Productions proudly embraces the non-profit ideals and culture with a special bond of compatible outreach to our overall community through diverse missions targeting various significant groups, something spelled out in our corporate mission and vision statements:


As a trusted catalyst for lifelong learning, WFYI public broadcasting engages and enriches our community through distinctive programs and services.


WFYI public broadcasting is a center of discovery for all ages. Through unique programs, services and emerging technologies, we will be a leading community resource, empowering people to discover their world, broaden their horizons and become active participants in shaping the future. Through these efforts, WFYI builds communities and strengthens families in central Indiana.

2010 Emmy Nominees and Winners

A full list of nominees is available at

  • Jim Simmons Arts/Entertainment Program: Campus Superstars
  • Aric Hartvig, Rick Crosslin, Brian Paul Children/Youth Program/Special: Indiana Expeditions with Rick Crosslin: Creepy Crawley
  • Rick Crosslin, Aric Hartvig, Andrew Warren, Brian Paul Health/Science Program: Indiana Expeditions with Rick Crosslin: Life Cycles
  • Aric Hartvig, Christopher Elberfeld Historic/Cultural Program or Special: Pereginos: Pilgrims, a Musical Journey
  • Judy O'Bannon, Gary Harrison Historic/Cultural Program or Special: Judy O'Bannon's Foreign Exchange: Moldova Mirror on an Uncertain World
  • Diane Willis, Michael Jensen Human Interest Single Story or News Series: Kaitlynne's Kause
  • Jim Simmons Societal Concerns: Reading, Writing 'n' Relevance
  • Judy O'Bannon, Gary Harrison Nostalgia Program: Inspiration Cast in Bronze
  • Jim Simmons Public/Current/Community Affairs: A Penny Saved (Winner)
  • Bob Williams, Mike Knight Community/Public Service (PSA): What the Arts Mean
  • Rick Crosslin On Camera Talent: host of Indiana Expeditions
  • Michael Husain, Pete Saetre Documentary: History Rising
  • Sarah Mynett, Jerry Prince, Tabatha Starcher Magazine Program Feature Segment: The Widow's Journey (Winner)
  • Jim Simmons and Aric Hartvig Magazine Program: Across Indiana (Winner)

2010 Society of Professional Journalists

  • First Place Awards
    • Coverage of the Environment - Indiana Expeditions, Aric Hartvig, Brian Paul and Rick Crosslin
  • Second Place Awards
    • Consumer Reporting - A Penny Saved, Jim Simmons
    • Education Coverage - The Good You That You Do, Jim Simmons
    • Social Justice Reporting - When Did I Get Old?, Gary Harrison, Diane Willis and Chris Elberfeld
  • Third Place Award
    • Coverage of Government/Politics - Reading, Writing 'n' Relevance, Jim Simmons
    • Documentary - Peregrinos: Pilgrims, a Musical Journey, Aric Hartvig
    • Feature - A Widow's Journey (Across Indiana), Sarah Mynett, Tabatha Starcher and Jerry Prince
    • Feature Videography - Kaitlynn's Kause (Across Indiana), Mike Jensen
    • Social Justice Reporting - Moldova: Mirror to an Uncertain World, Gary Harrison and Judy O'Bannon
  • Honorable Mention
    • Feature Videography - The Good That You Do, Jim Simmons, Aric Hartvig and Chris Elberfeld
    • Medical/Science Reporting - Indiana Expeditions, Aric Hartvig, Brian Paul and Rick Crosslin

2009 Emmy Nominees and Winners

  • Rick Crosslin, Aric Hartvig and Brian Paul Children/Youth Program: Indiana Expeditions - Episode 102 (Winner)
  • Samuel Orr Health/Science Program: The Natural Heritage of Indiana - Episode 2
  • Samuel Orr Health/Science Program: The Natural Heritage of Indiana - Episode 3 (Winner)
  • Kim Hood Jacobs, Shannon Cagle Dawson and Dave Tarr Historical/Cultural Program: The Natural Heritage of Indiana - Episode 4
  • Aric Hartvig Human Interest Story: A Ride to Remember (Across Indiana) (Winner)
  • Viki Anderson, Christine Lemley and Chris Elberfeld Informational/Instructional Program: Dreamtime: Universal Archetypes
  • Gary Harrison Interview/Discussion Program: Good News/Bad News
  • Gary Harrison Interview/Discussion Program: Ready to Read
  • Michael Husain and Mickey Maurer Interview/Discussion Program: Mickey's Corner with Sylvia McNair (Winner)
  • Jim Simmons Magazine Program: Across Indiana - Episode 1813 (Winner)
  • Vincent Manganello Magazine Feature: A Reason to Dance (All Access) (Winner)
  • Scott Hutcheson Magazine Feature: Reuben Tuesday (Across Indiana)
  • Judy O'Bannon and Gary Harrison Public Affairs: Judy O'Bannon's Foreign Exchange: Turkey-Bridge Under Construction
  • Myke Perrey Promotion/Station Image: Come Together
  • Michael Jensen Editor, Non-News: Judy O'Bannon's Foreign Exchange
  • Samuel Orr and Roger Hangarter Photographer, Non-News: The Natural Heritage of Indiana - Episode 2 (Winner)
  • Michael Jensen Photographer, Non-News: Judy O'Bannon's Foreign Exchange
  • Philip Gulley Writer, Non-News: A Man's Garage is His Castle (Across Indiana) (Winner)
  • Rick Crosslin On-Camera Talent, Non-News: Indiana Expeditions
  • Mike Knight Advanced Media Crafts, Writer/Producer: Arts Council of Indianapolis (Winner)

2009 Society of Professional Journalists

  • First Place Awards
    • Education Coverage - Ready to Read, Gary Harrison
    • Videography - Judy O'Bannon's Foreign Exchange: Turkey - Bridge Under Construction, Mike Jenson
    • Best Documentary - The Natural Heritage of Indiana, Sam Orr
    • Science Reporting - The Natural Heritage of Indiana, Sam Orr
  • Second Place Awards
    • Social Justice Reporting - A Song for Peace, Kim Jacobs
    • Television Documentary - Judy O'Bannon's Foreign Exchange: Turkey - Bridge Under Construction, Judy O'Bannon, Gary Harrison and Mike Jenson
    • Television Feature - Reason to Dance, Vincent Manganello, Andy Young
  • Third Place Award
    • Television Feature - Across Indiana Segment: Thought for Food, Aric Hartvig and Brian Paul

2008 IBA Spectrum Awards

  • WFYI Public Television - Station of the Year
  • Bravo Butler! (WFYI FM 90.1/HD1) - Special Interest & Cultural Programming
  • Good As Gold - Cultural & Performing Arts
    • Front Row Center - 2nd Place
    • Path Breakers - 3rd Place
  • Spotlight 2008, Teen Roundtable Show - Community Involvement
    • 2007 Reading Rainbow: Young Writers and Illustrators (contest winners) - 2nd Place

2008 Emmy Nominees and Winners

  • Gary Harrison Arts/Entertainment Special: Festival of Friends
  • Bob Williams and Pete Saetre Arts/Entertainment Special: Front Row Center
  • Kyle Travers Children/Youth Programs Special: Reading Rainbow (Winner)
  • Samuel Orr Health/Science - Program or Special: The Natural Heritage of Indiana (Winner)
  • Viki Anderson and Vinnie Manganello Historic/Cultural Program or Special: Path Breakers
  • Todd Gould and Dave Tarr Historic/Cultural Program or Special: Good As Gold
  • Mike Jensen Human Interest - Single Story or News Series: Very Special Arts
  • Jim Shella Interview Discussion - Programs/Series or Special: Indiana Week In Review
  • Gerry Dick and Andrea Crawford Interview Discussion - Programs/Series or Special: Inside Indiana Business Super Bowl Special
  • Kaline Schounce Magazine Format Programs Feature: Instruments of Success
  • Jim Simmons Magazine Format Programs Feature: Naked Santa (Winner)
  • Scott Hutcheson Magazine Format Programs Feature: The Meal Behind The Mask
  • Jim Simmons, Aric Hartvig, Chris Elberfeld and Kaleb Giddens Magazine Format Programs - Program/Series or Special: Across Indiana (Winner)
  • Todd Gould and Dave Tarr Public/Current/Community Affairs: Renewing American Culture: The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Shannon Cagle, Pete Saetre, Diane Willis and Clyde Lee Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports): Blue And Gold: The National FFA Convention In Indianapolis
  • Viki Anderson, Pete Saetre and Bob Williams Public Service Announcement - Single Spot or Campaign: Reframe Your Mind
  • Diane Hook and Pete Saetre Promotion - Station Image: For You Indiana
  • Cedreic Freeman Crafts: Audio: Let's Get Together: The One and Only Lonnie Lester
  • Vinnie Manganello Crafts: Director - Post Production: Let's Get Together: The One and Only Lonnie Lester
  • Pete Saetre Crafts: Editor - Short Form (Promos, PSAs, Commericals, Opens, etc.): composite
  • Mike Jensen Crafts: Videographer - Program (Non News): Very Special Arts
  • Samuel Orr Crafts: Photographer - Program (Non News): The Natural Heritage of Indiana (Winner)
  • Jim Simmons Crafts: Writer - Program (Non-News): Dancing Shadows (Winner)
  • Philip Gulley Crafts: Writer - Program (Non-News): Porch Talk-Contentment

2008 Society of Professional Journalists

  • Best Television Feature (single story)
    • First place: Jim Simmons, Vincent Manganello and Eric Polland, WFYI TV 20, Naked Santa
    • Second place: Scott Hutcheson and Vincent Manganello, WFYI TV 20, The Meal Behind the Mask
    • Third place: Vincent Manganello, Brian Paul, Aric Hartvig, and Kaleb Giddens, WFYI TV 20, Running for Those Who Can't
  • Best Television Documentary or Special
    • First place: Viki Anderson, Vincent Manganello, Christopher Elberfeld, Kaline Schounce, Mike Jensen, Jerold Prince, Brian Clark, Collin Brownlee, Judi Border, WFYI TV 20, Path Breakers
    • Third place: Sam Orr, WFYI TV 20, The Natural Heritage of Indiana -- The Indiana That Was
  • Best Television Feature Videography
    • Second place: Vincent Manganello and Aric Hartvig, WFYI TV 20, Mr. Silent
    • Third place: Christopher Elberfeld, Kaleb Giddens and Aric Hartvig, WFYI TV 20, Reggae Festival
  • Best Medical/Science Reporting
    • Second place: Jim Simmons, WFYI TV 20, The Unreal Gets Real

2007 Emmy Nominees and Winners

  • Aric Hartvig On Camera Talent - Non-News: Across Indiana (Winner)
  • Ben Strout Director: Fire and Ice (Winner)
  • Kaline Schounce Videographer - Non-News: The Hope Givers (Winner)
  • Jim Simmons Writer-Non News: Across Indiana
  • Jim Simmons/Diane Willis Writer - Non-news: The Hope Givers (Winner)
  • Philip Gulley Editorial/Commentary: Porch Talk (Winner)
  • Judy O'Bannon, Gary Harrison Editorial/Commentary: Communities Building Community
  • Lisa DeHayes Children's Specials: Reading Rainbow, Young Writers and Illustrators Contest (Winner)
  • Judy O'Bannon, Gary Harrison Public Affairs Series: Communities Building Community (Winner)
  • Jim Simmons, Diane Willis and Kaline Schounce Public Affairs Specials: The Hope Givers
  • Gerry Dick, Raquel Bahamonde and Andrea Crawford Interview/Discussion Programs: Inside Indiana Business
  • Ben Strout Cultural Affairs Specials: Fire and Ice
  • Lisa DeHayes, Mike Ullrich and Kaline Schounce Cultural Affairs Specials: In Endless Song
  • Todd Gould, Chris Elberfeld and Judi Border Cultural Affairs Specials: Well Done, Indiana
  • Kim Jacobs, Chris Elberfeld and Judi Border Special Programs: Lest We Forget (Winner)
  • Gary Harrison, Chris Elberfeld Special Programs: The Wabash: Life on the Bright, White River (Winner)
  • Jerry Johnson Feature/Entertainment segment: For a First-Rate First Date: Across Indiana
  • Jim Simmons Feature segment: Stories My Dog Told Me: Across Indiana
  • Bob Williams, Pete Saetre Public Service Announcement: (Winner)

2007 IBA Spectrum Awards

  • WFYI Public Television Station of the Year
  • WFYI All Access - Cultural and Performing Arts (WFYI took all three awards in this category)
  • WFYI - Spotlight 2007 Community Involvement

2007 Society of Professional Journalists

  • The Hope Givers Best Documentary (1st Place)
  • Lest We Forget Best Documentary (2nd Place)
  • The Wabash: Life on the Bright, White River Best Coverage of Environmental Issues (1st Place )
  • Reviving the Spirit Best Reporting on Minority Issues (1st Place)

2006 Emmy Nominees and Winners

  • Michael Atwood Talent Non-News
  • Aric Hartvig Talent Non-News
  • Kaline Schounce Videographer Non-News (Winner)
  • Todd Gould Writer, non-news: Ernie Pyle's War
  • Jim Simmons Writer, non-news: Composite
  • Across Indiana Show 1514 Magazine Program (Winner)
  • Ernie Pyle's War Cultural Affairs Program (Winner)
  • Out of the Shadows: Portraits of Historic Women Artists Cultural Affairs Program
  • A Gathering of Heroes Special Programs (Winner)
  • Amy O'Neal Feature Segment: The Reno Gang
  • Kaline Schounce Feature Segment: Reaching Out (Winner)
  • Aric Hartvig Feature Segment: Christmas at the Hound Lounge
  • The Hope Givers Promotion

2006 IBA Spectrum Awards

  • Ernie Pyle's War Cultural & Performing Arts
  • WFYI Public Television Station of the Year

2005 Emmy Nominees and Winners

  • Communities Building Community: Public Affairs Program, regularly scheduled (Winner)
  • Neighborhood at the Crossroads: Public Affairs Special (Winner)
  • Young Lincoln: Cultural Affairs Program (Winner)
  • Lisa DeHayes: Feature segment: Educating Lisa (Winner)
  • Datacasting Demonstration: Technical Achievement (Winner)
  • Jim Simmons - Writer, non-news: The Making of Dinosphere
  • Across Indiana: Magazine program
  • Living with the Threat: Public Affairs Special
  • The Making of Dinosphere: Special Program

2004 Emmy Nominees and Winners

  • For Gold and Glory and Long Journey Home Videographer – Non-News: Tony Williams  - (Winner)
  • For Gold and Glory Editor - Non-news: Eric Maloney – (Winner)
  • For Gold and Glory Writer – Non- news: Todd Gould (Winner)
  • For Gold and Glory Research – Todd Gould   (Winner)
  • For Gold and Glory Lighting – Tony Williams (Winner)
  • For Gold and Glory Music – Dr. David Baker  (Winner)
  • For Gold and Glory Cultural Affairs (Winner)
  • The Sweet Life of Curley Myers Feature/Entertainment Segment – Gary Harrison – (Winner)
  • Across Indiana Magazine Program
  • Communities Building Community with Judy O’Bannon
  • Mike Atwood Camera Talent
  • Trio of Minuet Feature/Entertainment Segment
  • Trio of Minuet Public Affairs Programs – Regularly Scheduled  -  Audio – Cedric Freeman
  • Trio of Minuet Children – Youth Specials


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