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In 2008, WFYI moved into its new, state-of-the art digital headquarters, culminating a 20.2 million dollar Capital Campaign. In addition to new studios and editing facilities, WFYI Productions has continued its investments in 2009 with more than $300,000 of new equipment and upgrades to its high-definition production capacity.

Studio Production

WFYI Productions has two full-size studios and one "Flash" studio. Studio A is 47.5' X 48', with a full-size white cyclorama. This studio can accommodate large customized sets, green screens (WFYI also has a 20’ x 20’ Green Screen available). The 47.5' X 34.5' Studio B includes a multi-purpose set that can be customized for individual or small panel presentations. The Flash Studio includes a 73" DLP monitor, which can be customized for one-camera operations.

WFYI Productions’ studio configurations can accommodate full studio crew compliments, facility rental for clients’ production crews, and have been used for production tapings, live satellite uplinks and Satellite Media Tours, as well as live webcasts.

WFYI Master Control

Satellite Uplink and Downlink Services

WFYI Productions offers several options for signal distribution: Analog and Digital Vyvx links, and the ability to distribute 1-camera IFB’s, full studio productions and taped video playback from our state of the art facility. Regular clients include CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and ESPN.


Both in our facility and in the field, WFYI Productions can work with partners to produce productions for live web distribution. Whether through simple one-camera operations or multi-camera productions, presentations can be created for live distribution or on-demand viewing.

As vital as technology is in producing modern videos, the style and philosophy of working with these tools is perhaps even more important. WFYI Productions thinks about not only technology, but also presentation style. How will the story best be told? Our entire production team is focused on the heart of the story, focusing on individuals and capturing the texture of the region in which they live and work. We want viewers to be moved by what they see.

Field and Post-Production

WFYI is one of the most-honored television stations in the Midwest. In addition to producing Emmy award winning programming for state and national public television distribution, WFYI Productions regularly creates videos for a wide array of partners. WFYI Productions has created educational, marketing and event videos for many of Indiana’s premier arts, cultural and nonprofit organizations.

WFYI Productions Field and Post Productions

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"The WFYI crew is easy to work with, polite and extremely skilled in the entire production process, and they’re especially responsive and reflexive to our needs."

Tristan Schmid
Communications and Marketing Manager
Humane Society of Indianapolis